Twinning Project

Twinning Project is a unique collaboration between the Tanzania Association of Midwives (TAMA) and Canadian Association of Midwives (CAM). This idea of twinning its one of ICM initiative/strategy to strengthening its member’s countries association.

The objective of this Project includes:

  • Strengthening Tanzanian and Canadian midwifery associations through capacity building and knowledge exchange
  • Collaboration on midwifery research and education
  • Establishment of peer-to-peer mentorship which involves twenty-five(25) midwife pairs

Twinning Updates

  • 25 pairs from Canada and Tanzania have been sharing and exchange knowledge on midwifery status in their respected countries
  • In the process since 2013, four new twins have been replaced from the previous ones , due to the following reasons such as retirement, displacement to a different country and loss of interest
  • Four pairs physically met in 2014 and 2015, when the two Canadian twins visited Tanzania
  • The twins have  built strong  relationship and friendships which has enhance unity among themselves and their respective associations
  • Research ideas being developed for uptake in year 3 via peer to peer twinning relationships between CAM and TAMA
  • TAMA is organizing a short refresher meeting to all Tanzanian twins in  early next year(2016)
  • Twins have been asked to submit a quarterly progress report on their communication to inform next steps

 Challenges of Twinning

  • Technical divide: Most of Canadian twins have access to more advanced technology than the ones in Tanzania, when sharing and setting documents meetings with such as Skype and video conferencing, which require highly functioning broadband but at a time a reliable broadband access, and connectivity may be low in some places.
  • Economic divide and lack of fund: consideration needs to be given to this as the project moves forward. Midwives from one Twin association may be able to fund themselves for travel and carry out some activities while the Midwives from the other twin association are not.